How to Make a Christmas Tree From Pine Branchs

Whether you have a small space or a big one, you can create a magical tree this year by using pine branches. These branches, available online at sites like Amazon and at local craft stores, are easy to cut and shape into different types of Christmas trees. You can also use them to make a traditional garland, which you can wrap around the entire tree for a more festive look.

Choosing a Tree

When shopping for a Christmas tree, choose a variety that will stand up to the environment and climate you live in. This includes moisture, temperature, and wind. For example, firs and pines are less likely to be affected by the cold, but they also tend to dry out faster than other types of Christmas trees.

Shaping Your Tree

When you’re shaping your tree, you want to remove excess foliage and limbs that are not contributing to the overall structure of the tree. The goal is to maintain a dense, full, and well-branched Christmas tree. You can do this by removing entire leaders and lateral limbs or simply pruning away the tips of some of them.

Removing excessive growth encourages new buds to form and increases the density of the remaining branches. The result is a more full-looking, healthy tree that will last longer.

Trim the Top

When trimming the top of your tree, make sure you locate the strongest center branch and trim it to a good length. The center branch is a natural place to attach a topper, which can be a star or angel, depending on the style of decorations you have. It’s also a good spot to put any large ornaments you plan to hang on your tree.

Adding Lights

When stringing lights on your tree, start with the lower boughs and work your way up. This will give the tree a more interesting, depthier look than simply draping lights all over the tree’s base.

Adding Garland

A tree isn’t complete without some sort of garland to adorn it, and you can find plenty of options online and in craft stores. A traditional garland made of tinsel, ribbon, or even pine cones will add extra dimension to your tree, and it’s easy to make. You can also use a garland with beads, paper chains, and other decorative items for a more modern look.

Pick a Color Scheme

If you have a color theme in mind for your Christmas decorations, you’ll have an easier time selecting the appropriate ornaments for the tree. This will also help you avoid making a mistake by picking out an unsuitable ornament that clashes with the rest of your decorations.

Keeping Your Tree Fresh

When buying a live tree, it is important to choose one that has been harvested as early as possible. This allows the tree to be more able to adapt to our warmer, dryer homes and stay looking its best as long as possible.

This is especially true for the firs and pines that are more commonly found at our local tree lots. They are usually harvested in November, so you’ll want to purchase your tree as soon as you can to ensure it remains fresh throughout the season.