How to Make Powder For a Color Festival

To celebrate Holi, the Indian spring festival, you need to have plenty of a colorful powder on hand. The best way to do this is to make your own from scratch, which will give you an assortment of bold-colored powder that is easy to mix and store.

Step One: Gather ingredients

A simple way to make your own color powder is to mix cornstarch and food coloring in a foil pan. Then add a full 1 ounce container of coloring paste and stir until it is all blended together. Use gloved hands for this step, because the corn starch will be very hard to mix with utensils.

Step Two: Place the mixture in an oven at 170 degrees Fahrenheit to dry out. Then you can put it away in a large airtight container until you are ready to use it!

The powder can also be mixed with water to add a little extra fun! Then you can add some colored water guns for even more color-play!

Alternatively, you can buy a pre-packaged powder at the grocery store. However, you should check the label to make sure it is safe for you to use. It is important to avoid the products containing lead and other toxic chemicals, which can make people sick.

You can also make your own natural, vegan-friendly color powder from natural plants and flowers that are in season this time of year. For instance, chrysanthemum petals can be used to get a bright yellow color. Similarly, hibiscus flowers are an excellent choice for a blue color. You can also soak the leaves of Madder tree in water to get a deep red.

Other plants that can be used to create the color include jacaranda flower petals for a light blue, tesu flower (a flame of the forest) for a deep orange, and even rose petals for a pretty pink.

To prepare this powder, you will need: a small amount of cornstarch, water, food coloring, and gloves. Cover a table in newspaper for the students to work on, and be sure to have bowls for mixing.

After the flour and water have been poured into the pan, you will need to stir it with a spoon or a wooden spoon. This will help to break up the cornstarch and make it smoother.

Repeat this step for each color you want to add. If you have any clumps, break them up with your hands before mixing with the food coloring and water.

Once you have created all of your colors, you can store the powder in a large mason jar or another airtight style container for your party guests to use. If you want to keep your powder fresh, you can also store it in a plastic bag or wrapper until you are ready to use it!

You should always wear gloves and a mask to ensure you are not breathing in any of the cornstarch. It can cause skin irritation or a respiratory illness. Anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma should also be sure to wear a mask or go to a color event with their doctor or health care provider.